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Mission Statement

Dikabo GmbH was founded in October 2002 by the managerial head, consisting of Mr Evert Dilling and Mr Harm Dilling, as a wholesale for new and used tyres. The company is member of the globally acting Dikabo Group that has become one of the biggest casing wholesalers within the past years.

In March 2002 the new approximately 10.000 sqm big premises of the company of Dikabo GmbH and Wehrmeyer Karkassenhandel GmbH was dedicated. By enlargement of the storage area we have made it possible to store large quantities of all well-known brands and sizes of tyres and hence to meet our customer’s requirements more and more.

A further enlargement to currently 25.000 sqm has been carried out in 2004. To date this enormous enlargement has enabled the company to supply customers throughout the world. Nearly all sizes of tyres of different manufacturers are stored at the premises of Dikabo GmbH; therefore virtually any customer’s request can be met in only short waiting periods.


Arbeiten OutdoorThe rapid growth of the company is caused by our wish to offer an excellent service in every respect to our customers.

The company employs about 45 people in the fields

  • stock organization
  • road traffic

The team of Dikabo GmbH in Germany sells up to 350.000 casings and tyres annually by now. Our co-workers are steadily making efforts to offer our customers a comprehensive service. It is our aim to guarantee a smooth flow, from consignment sale to despatch!


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